A Killer of Women: WPAC Heart Disease & Women Discussion 02/19

One in four women will die from heart disease. In case you need to see this statistic in numbers, that is 25 percent (or 1/4) of women.

The Women’s Programming Advisory Council will be discussing heart disease and its relationship to women at the WPAC general meeting, today (Thursday, Feb. 19) at 5 p.m. in CLB 114.

WPAC Heart Disease

We see the impact that the breast cancer awareness movement is having on the way women approach breast cancer. In reality, women are dying from heart disease at a rate FIVE TIMES MORE than breast cancer, yet approximately one in 10 women actually considers heart disease her greatest threat.

What is causing this epidemic to go largely ignored by women? Studies show that the general population (men and women) perceive heart disease as a “man’s issue.” Over the past half century, the attention given to heart disease was approached largely with a focus on men by men. As heart disease education and treatment in men began to produce declining numbers of heart disease related issues in men, the numbers for women were climbing. Since 1984, more women than men have died each year from heart disease.

I don’t think it’s any secret that there are key differences between the male and female bodies. Why then would we expect heart disease treatment tailored to men to work the same for women? In fact, the symptoms that present themselves when women are experiencing a cardiovascular crisis are vastly different than they are with men. Unlike men, the most prominent symptom is not pain or pressure in the chest. If you’re a woman experiencing these symptoms, you should consult with your doctor to make sure you’re not at risk for a cardiovascular crisis, and if these symptoms are very severe and sudden, you should call 911.

  • Neck, shoulder, upper back and abdominal discomfort
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Lightheaded/dizziness
  • Unusual fatigue

Visit Go Red for Women and get involved of the national movement to raise awareness for this number one killer of women!


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