Broaden your horizons and support women and LGBTQI+ artists!

Throughout your college career, you’re supposed to stay focused on your academics and make straight A’s, but then as you walk to and from class, you’re probably bombarded to sign up for classes you don’t need, to join student organizations or a fraternity/sorority, to go out and be social, and to attend events on campus. It can be overwhelming!

But there is evidence that shows that trying new things can have positive mental and physical health benefits, so it might be good to try one of these new classes, clubs, or events every once in a while.

PRISM-01Well lucky for you, the Women’s Programming Advisory Council (WPAC) is hosting a FREE arts event today from 6:30-9 p.m. in the Browsing Room of the OSU library (2nd floor). PRISM Fest is a way to showcase women and LGBTQI+ artists who may not be recognized as often in the art world.

PRISM Fest is also a great way for you to expand your horizons. There will be a variety of artists, both visual and performance, at the event. This include painters, henna artists, poets, singers, photographers and sketch artists.

Been in a funk lately? Come have a personalized poem created by local poet Shaun Perkins of ROMPoetry. She creates poems on the spot that are as unique are you are!

Want to experience international art? Come get a henna tattoo design and learn about the tradition from a henna artists.

Need to bring some new life into your home? Browse the tables of many artists who will be selling their pieces. Maybe you’ll find a painting or drawing that you’ll be proud to show off in your living room and you’ll feel good knowing you supported a local artist!

Who knows? By trying something new, you might find a new hobby, passion, or group of friends. Or it might just make you want to come back to PRISM Fest next fall.

Shaun Perkins, of ROMPoetry, at the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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